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Chris Dale @ 859-302-5460

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Bucks and Beards Scents strives to provide the best customer service possible.  If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly work with you to resolve the problem.

Hey everyone let me welcome you to Bucks and Beards Scents. Here at Bucks and Beards Scents we strive to bring you the serious sportsman and hunter a collection of  SERIOUS SCENT PRODUCTS that will up your game and up your harvest potential in the woods. We have developed a complete line of scent products that we think we level the playing field. Our line includes a complete line of cover scents ranging from acorn, apple, cedar, pine, muscadine and our secret ENTICER deer in a bottle. We also have what we believe is the best ESTRUS on the market, our SMOKING HOT ESTRUS is a special blend of hot urine that cannot be duplicated and is 100% FRESH. Our exclusive Dominant Buck is also 100% FRESH and is a blend that cannot be duplicated. Our new line of CORN FUZED Products is a completely natural and edible product that comes in a liquid spray and feed additive powder, this will be available in five different flavors that can be used as a cover spray and attractant.


Chris Dale  and Randy Haehnlein  have strived hard to bring you our customers the BEST QUALITY no nonsense scent cover and attractant products we can produce. We only use the finest natural and artifical products to build our own line of products that you the discerning hunter would want to use. We are not a large scale company so we can service all your needs on a personal basis. 


Our team of Pro-Staff and Field Staff men and ladies from across the country have tested these products before we offer them to you the public. IF IT DOESN'T WORK FOR US THEN IT WON'T WORK FOR YOU. Therefore if it doesn't work then we WILL NOT put the product on the market. That is a promise from us to you.



 Chris, Randy, and all the staff at Bucks and Beards Scents 

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